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Aaron Shiner
      High Performance Real Estate Coach, Aaron Shiner
Troy Kincaid, Richardsons, Colac VIC

Troy Kincaid, Richardsons, Colac VIC

“We have been working with Aaron since 2012. Since then, each year has been better than the year before. In the last 4 years, our results have almost tripled! We get proven systems, the best marketing ideas and the best skills training.”  

Ben Ridley  Colley And Teirney, Mildura VIC

Ben Ridley, Colley And Teirney, Mildura VIC

“Hi Aaron, I just wanted to let you know that we recorded the most amount of sales in our 60 year history this year.  That’s 529 sales!! We also beat our record to achieve our largest gross commission figure for a calendar year, Implementing these Ideas into our office helped us make an extra $900,000 in commission. We know our day’s together at the start of the year is 100% responsible for this.  The team and I say a massive THANK YOU!”